Catch & Release

Zoetic Dance Ensemble

May 20–21, 2011

Fountain of Rings, Centennial Olympic Park

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Water is an essential compound, necessary to sustain life on our planet. In addition to providing nourishment and a life-supporting environment, it also delivers power, transportation, and entertainment.Through contemporary dance, Catch & Release offers a thoughtful and accessible interpretation of human interaction with this vital resource and its power to create, sustain, and destroy. Catch & Release explores our relationship with the environment and the necessary transition from dominating nature to managing and conserving our resources.


+ 05.16.11 Creative Loafing by Andrew Alexander

+ 05.21.11 ArtsATL by Cynthia Bond Perry

+ 05.25.11 BurnAway by John Ramspott

+ 05.25.11 The G Channel by Felipe Barral Momberg


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